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The Need for Kindness

Updated: May 18, 2022 would you define it? Do you think it's important? Would you consider yourself kind?

I’ve noticed something that’s been happening for a while now. It’s gotten to the point that I can't stand watching talk shows or the news on tv, hearing commercials, or even having a discussion with some people. People are mean, angry, and just plain hateful. Have you noticed how unkind people have become? It seems like everyone has forgotten about compassion, caring, or even just having some conversational manners.

I have never been one that is good with confrontation. I am a peacekeeper at heart. I think that's why the subject of kindness has been on my mind for many months now. I just want everyone to be kind and get along. Yes, I know… that would only happen in a perfect world. I get it. I understand why the world we live in makes it hard for people to be kind. Everything around us is fast paced, in a hurry. It makes us anxious. Being anxious puts our emotions on edge and if anything goes wrong, we lash out. Even being a peacekeeper, I sometimes find myself being unkind to those closest to me. Let me give you an example: My husband is amazing. He works so hard for our family and he is exhausted when he gets home. It doesn't matter how I'm feeling before he gets home…If he comes home in a bad mood, mad, and upset about things that went wrong during the day, it is so easy for me to take on his feelings. I’m immediately in a bad mood, too. That in turn causes me to be short with him and unkind. The point is… it doesn't matter how others are behaving, it doesn’t give me the right to be unkind. Instead of me being short with him, I should be kind and understanding. I should listen to him vent and know that it's not directed at me. He in turn would be kinder to me than if I was short and unkind to him.

You see, I believe kindness breeds more kindness. Do you remember being taught the “Golden Rule” as a child? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Did you know that was a command Jesus gave in the Bible? In Luke 6:31 Jesus says this when he is giving a lesson on us loving our enemies. In 1 Corinthians 13:4, the Bible says that love is patient and love is kind. So, for us to love our enemies, we must be patient with them and we must be kind. I think it's just as important to extend this love we should have for our enemies to those we encounter that are not our enemy, even those closest to us that we feel most comfortable with.

I've been listening to an audiobook by Candace Cameron Bure, Kind is the New Classy. Here are a few things I have gleaned from her: Kindness doesn't cost anything. Kindness is not only words… it’s actions, facial expressions, etc. Be kind instead of snapping back when someone snaps at you. You never know what that person may be going through.

Our Kollao ministry team spent a weekend in a cabin back in early December. We used that time to find direction for this next year. Last year, our word of the year was Fearless. This year, the Lord gave us the word, Kindness. He started working in each of our hearts months ago. Each one of us had been given this word separately. It was the first word we all threw out when we discussed it. In fact, it was the only word. We knew immediately, the Lord had placed this word before us all for a reason.

Heavenly Father,

I thank you so much for the love, patience, and kindness you give to me. I thank you for the people reading this… that my words would bless them with whatever message you want them to hear. I pray that in this new year, we could be more kind… that we could show love to one another even when it's hard for us. I pray for us to have the self control we need not to lash out when we are feeling anxious and upset. I pray for the people in positions of power, that their hearts would be turned towards you and they could be an example for others. Father God, I thank you more than anything for the perfect example you sent us in Jesus. We love you and we thank you for blessing us with the choice of salvation.


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