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How to order Kollao Merch:

Step #1 Fill out the order form and click order now.

Step #2 Choose your Payment Method:

1. Venmo @CCone1571

2. Paypal @christycone

3. Cash upon pickup

Step #3

Venmo Purchases:

Include in the "What's this for?" box:

Kollao T-Shirt for (Enter Name)


Paypal Purchases:

Include in the"Add a message" box:

Kollao T-Shirt  for (Enter Name)

Order a T-Shirt Now

Get one before stock runs out!


Select size:

Color:  Raspberry $22 XS-XL $24 2X-4X


Color:  Aqua $22 XS-XL  $24 2X-4X

Thanks for ordering!

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