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Bible Challenge #3

In today's world, the word love gets thrown around pretty frequently.  We love ice cream. We love that new dress.  We love to go on vacation.  The problem is, that love is not permanent. It's easily changed or swayed by the emotions of the day. I'm not even sure we should even call that love. It's more consistent with the word "like". 

But God's love is steadfast! It is unselfish, self-giving and sacrificial.  Did you know that we are to love others like God loves us? It is not a choice, recommendation or suggestion. It is a command.  Jesus says if you have that kind of love, the world will sit up and take notice.  

If you were to ask most people in America what their impression of the church is, most would not speak in terms of love.  They see us as religious people with a set of rules that a lot of us don't truly live by.  They have not been exposed to a real testimony of God's love.  

For an entry into our grand prize drawing, please share your favorite verse on God's love.  Also, if you feel led, please share a time in your life when you were shown His love by someone. Or think of a way that you can show His love to anyone you know who desperately needs it.

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