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Bible Challenge #2

Have you ever considered how your words affect others? Have you ever felt the sting of someone else's sharp words? The world we live in is changing rapidly. People do not show respect, kindness, and love like years past. We, as women, should make all efforts to lift each other up with our words. Speak life and love into one another! We are not perfect. We have bad days and emotions get the best of us. It is in these moments, that we mess up and speak unkindly. Be humble. Admit you are wrong and apologize. Before you speak, don't forget to THINK:

is it True?

is it Helpful?

is it Inspiring?

is it Necessary?

is it Kind?

Your challenge for today is to post a picture of a verse that has helped you or look up a verse that can help you overcome a sharp tongue. If you feel comfortable sharing, share an example of a time you had to apologize for your words.

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