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Bible Challenge #1

Hello beautiful women!! 🥰 Today we'll be starting our Bible Challenge! Please follow the directions in order to get your entry into our grand prize drawing:

#1 PRAY right now! Ask God to open your heart and your eyes to hear and see where He will direct you in scripture. Amen!

#2 The answer will be a bible verse or verses. Please take a picture (or screenshot) of the verses and post it here in a comment.

#3 There are NO wrong answers. So please share what works for you. You never know when it may also help someone else. ️

Let's get started!!

In today's world, chaos seems to be the agenda of the day. This can cause tremendous fear and anxiety. When you allow fear and anxiety to take shape in your life, you’re allowing it to hinder the fullness of what God has planned for you. It paralyzes you, immobilizes you, causes you to question moving forward. It can even be detrimental to your physical health.

What is your favorite verse that helps you halt the fear and allow God's peace to take hold?

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