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Be FEARLESS in 2021

2021 Post #1

Have you ever felt the tightening in your chest, the shallow breaths, the lightheadedness, and the uneasy feeling that is brought on by fear and anxiety? It’s hard to imagine that anyone could escape even a single moment of fear after the last year that we have all had to endure. Fear has taken us all captive during the events of this past year in one way or another. It almost feels as though the world is falling apart around us.

Our Kollao team went on a weekend retreat a few months ago to reflect on the past year and pray for direction in the new year. As we threw ideas around trying to decide on a theme and how we could best benefit other women, one subject kept popping up...fear. Fear is such a small little word that can have so much power over us. That is why we have chosen FEARLESS as our word and theme for this year. Paul wrote in 2 Timothy that God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgement(HCSB). This is how we choose to live in 2021. We want to live daily trusting in our Lord and Savior and break free from these shackles of fear, shackles that are engraved with satan’s name.

Let’s talk about the fear inside of Kollao for a moment. We have the fear of speaking in front of others, fear of messing up, fear of not doing enough, fear of what people will think, etc. I could go on with many other things, but my point is that the Lord called us to do something and we obeyed through the fear and anxiety. We don't know where the Lord will take Kollao, but what we do know is that it will be worthy and serve its purpose because it is His.

That brings me to another hurdle of fear that I'm about to jump. My palms are sweaty and my heart racing as I type this but I feel I have been called to do this, so I will obey. Kollao will now have (hopefully) weekly blog posts. I am by no means an eloquent writer. I read all of these other blogs that spin words like silk and blend thoughts together into a beautiful tapestry for God and I know I can never measure up. So, I ask you all to be patient and kind in your words as I embark on this new journey.

We would love to hear back from you all. Tell us how you have obeyed the Lord and had to overcome a fear. Or do you have your own word for the year? Give us your word and tell us why. Who knows… it might even get you an entry for a prize for this month’s Kollao. :)

Much Love,


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Years ago I was having an issue at work that was causing me great anxiety and fear. A very wise lady told me to claim II Timothy 1:7. I repeat this verse every time that I feel fear and anxiety creeping in. It never fails to calm down and give me peace and assurance

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